SANERA Pharmaceuticals & Research is an independent pharmaceutical wholesaler located at Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey. We both deal with import & export of pharmaceuticals products all around the world. We have been supplying multinational branded pharmaceuticals, comparator drugs and medical supplies to more than 70 countries with its ambitious and dynamic soul. Our product range is consisted of more than 8000 branded pharmaceuticals which are available in both Turkish and worldwide market. Our customers are international wholesalers, pharmacies, hospitals & clinics, clinical trials, relief organizations (NGOs) and other authorized organizations. We are serving our customers with our professional squad which is consisted of pharmacists, chemists and health professionals who are highly experienced in their own branches. We are offering the highest quality of service to our customers with modern facilities and vehicles. We have been working with the biggest and most reputable companies in each area of the supply chain to deliver the highest quality of service to our customers.

Our activities are not limited with wholesale of pharmaceuticals, we are also offering consultancy services to our customers in the way of meeting with the right medicines or manufacturers. With our broad range of suppliers and professionals all around the world, we are highly active in worldwide market of pharmaceuticals and offering pharmaceutical solutions to the investors. Our project team is handling special projects carefully and offering the best solutions. Our development and research team is analyzing the market needs and working on the projects in contract manufacturing area. Hopefully we will achieve the success of manufacturing our own products under our own brand in the near future.

our mission

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality of service to our customers all around the world with our dedicated team. We are targeting to meet our customers with best prices and the best assistance. Remembering the importance of meeting our customers with branded pharmaceuticals, we believe that providing the highest quality of service would be the key of becoming a rooted global organization.

our vision

Our vision is to meet the world with affordable and qualified pharmaceutical products which we have our own brand on it. We are working on hard with ambition of becoming one of the most reputable manufacturers worldwide. With belief and the satisfaction of our customers, we believe that we can achieve this great success all together.

chairman's note

As a recently founded company, our aim is to provide the highest level of service, combine it with trust and share with success to our customers. We are aware of the importance of keeping the medicine supply steady for long term with affordable prices for our customers. We know that we are covering the needs of many patient with affordable solutions through our customers. We are thankful for your trust and belief which lead us to found SANERA Pharmaceuticals and research with the desire of serving better. We see our customers as our partners who lead us to come to these days... I and my team thank you for your trust and patience with us, we will always work harder to serve you better...