Named Patient Supply

Patients may faced lack of finding medicine whiched prescripted by its doctor in its country. In that cases, patients who need to need prescripted medicine, can apply international solutions through medicine import professionals or their doctors.

Sanera Pharmaceuticals & Research has been hull of hope to hundreds of patients since its foundation.

Patients and suppliers from all around the World can consult to Sanera Pharma for Named Patient Supply Program. We are providing your prescripted medicine in a short while then ship to patient according to relevant regulations of Turkey and patients’ country.

Our well-trained pharmacist and doctor team improves continual their wisdom to help patients and partners to find out more on prescripted medicine.

Every patient and importers can consult us to supply their prescripted medicine which is not available in its country.

We are caring legality; patients and importers both should be follow their relevant regulations in their countries whilst consult to us.