Named Patient Supply

What is the Named Patient Supply Program?

Named Patient Supplies (NPS) is a pharmaceutical procurement system that allows healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical agencies to supply medicines on a prescription basis.

Which products can be supplied under the Named Patient Program?

  • The drug has been approved but not been licensed yet in the destination country.
  • The drugs are approved in the patient’s country but not authorized and/or licensed.
  • The prescribed drugs are not approved in the patient’s country but are approved and available in at least one country.
  • The prescribed drug is approved in the patient’s country but it is in shortage.
  • The prescription drug was discontinued in the patient’s country but not another

Healthcare professionals can supply prescribed drugs from Sanera Pharmaceuticals on behalf of patients with attached drug import permits and prescriptions.

Named Patient Program is sometimes called an early access program, compassionate use, special access, and expanded access program. Those patient programs allow patients and doctors to supply prescribed medicines in case of emergency and clinical needs.