Pharmaceutical Wholesale on Oncological Drugs

Oncological Drugs

Turkey Pharmaceutical Wholesale – Distributor Market Information

Besides pharmacy supply wholesale, you can also find profitable drug parallel trade deals in the Turkish pharmaceutical wholesalers market on oncological products for wholesale supply.
Turkey had 62 drug manufacturers in 2015 and every year market share in drug manufacturing increasing a minimum of 2,7%. Having competitive prices and being a member of international drug conventions and institutions, the Turkish pharma wholesale market reached 1.84 billion U.S. Dollars in 2020. The worst condition of the Turkish drug market is currency exchange that changing a lot. The decrease in monetary value led to price changes and rises frequently but the Turkish Ministry of Health tries to solve it by arranging minimum and maximum pricing levels and getting strict discounts from multinational drug manufacturers.

Oncology Drugs Market in Turkey 

Turkey unfortunately is a good market for oncology drug manufacturers according to the country’s cancer index.  Oncology, anti-diabetes, immunosuppressant, and vaccines create 59,7% off in total drug sales in Turkey. Oncology that has a big market share also affect positively oncology drug wholesale export.
Turkey is the 17th biggest pharma market in the World since 2018. Besides internal market power, Turkey’s drug export rate reached 1,9 Billion U.S. Dollars in 2020.

Oncology Parallel Trade from Turkey

Turkish currency’s effects on drugs positively affect oncological and hematological drug export. So Turkish pharmaceutical wholesalers play an active role in the pharmaceutical parallel trade.
The biggest opportunity for Turkish pharma wholesale supply is the category of oncology. Regarding the oncology market share, official health authorities decided to focus on more in the following years.

What You Should Be Careful About Top-Selling Cancer Drugs From Turkey?

The Turkish market is very crowded as much as it’s great. Pharmaceutical importers must verify their supplier’s official approval and license validity from the associated authority’s online system. Second, wholesaler pharma importers can also check the originality and trade summary of the related drugs by Online Drug Follow System (Ürün Takip Sistemi-ÜTS)